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West German pottery was never exported to the US.  Either returning military personnel or tourists brought most pieces here to the States.  As a result, there has not been a great deal of it in the U.S, until now.

West German pottery’s golden age lasted from about 1954-1975.  During that period, when creativity and production was at its height,
a select group of ceramic studios produced a body of work that was mind-blowing in it's scope and range.  Even today, this output has yet to be appreciated or fully catalogued.  An impressive number of pieces were hand-thrown, but the majority were mass-produced.  Still, the way in which the rough-finish and lava glazes were applied and fired, lends an air of individuality to even high-production pieces.  By the mid 70’s, demand and production was beginning to wane, primarily due to challenging global economic conditions.  By 1975, the pottery party was over.

But since the late 90s, West German pottery has become an important collectible in design-centric cities throughout Europe.  Now
for sale on this site, Paster-Corté brings U.S. collectors an impressive range of pieces, representing the period from the 1950's to the 1970's.​


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