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Not all West German pottery is fat lava.  Fat lava is a subset of West German pottery.  Rumor has it that the name came about when a translation of the original German meaning “thick pumice” (in reference to a specific type of glaze) went awry, and the nickname "fat lava" was born.

Factories that produced these ceramic pieces included Bay Keramik, Fohr, Carstens, Ceramano, Otto Keramik, Dumler & Breiden, Jopeko, Roth, Ruscha, Schlossberg, and Scheurich, amongst many others. Whilst they produced vases with outlandish, volcanic, and cratered glazes, in innovative colors and forms, companies like KPM, Hutschenreuther, Winterling and Rosenthal produced porcelain pieces which expressed the modern and clean lines of the twentieth century.

These highly collectible pieces are hugely popular throughout Europe, and speak to a very specific aesthetic sensibility.  Paster-Corté is pleased to offer a carefully chosen selection of Fat Lava pieces that you’ll find hard to resist.

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